Frequently asked questions...


Is there nudity in Private Sessions?

I am never naked or partially nude during a session.  

What are the payment options?

I accept e-transfer, credit card or PayPal.

Do you perform "Tantric Massage?"

Somatic touch healing coupled with Tanra sound healing  can sometimes be part of a session.  My Tantra sessions are primarily for healing, counseling,  and Authentic Tantra Education.

 Email me to schedule a free consultation to  discuss further.

Is there nudity in your workshops?

Nudity or partial nudity is at the discretion and decision of the group as a whole at the time of the workshop.  

* Nudity is an option and your decision if you book a private workshop for your own group. (Contact me for more details on this.

Is there nudity in your Couples Private Courses?

If you are comfortable and feel it will heighten your experience then go for it!  I myself am not naked during these sessions.   Please contact me for more information and details on learning Tantric massage for personal practice or Tantric Massage Courses for Couples.

Can I book one session at a time as opposed to a Tantra Course? Do you offer a sliding scale for fee

Hourly fees are available.  Please ask.