Frequently asked questions...

Do you do Men's Tantric Massage with Lingam massage?

I do not.  

Is there nudity in your private men's sessions?


Is there nudity in your Couples private sessions.

Nudity of couples in my Tantra sessions is your prerogative.  If you are comfortable and feel it will heighten your experience then go for it!  I myself am not naked during these sessions.  Further discussion on this can be done at the consultation or first session and you can message me above.

Do you do Yoni Massage?

I perform Yoni Massage as part of the healing process of your course with me if we agree that it will be beneficial to you.  Yoni massage is part of Tantric massage, which is done to open the energy centres of the body to receive healing. Please message me for more information.

Is there nudity or partial nudity in your workshops?

Nudity or partial nudity is at the discretion and decision of the group at the time of the workshop.  * If you book a private workshop for your own group (2 couples or more, or 3 women or more) and you would like to be nude or partially nude for greater connection and feeling of freedom that is totally great. 

Can I pay with cheque or cash?

A cheque as deposit or full payment  is accepted 3 weeks in advance.  Cash is accepted at time of first session once a deposit has been made on-ine or via cheque.  Message me for more details and instructions.

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