What is Tantra?

Authentic Tantra

The word Tantra is described in Tibetan Tantra as the practice of  "Weaving light and sound with form."   While being rooted in ancient Buddhist practices, Authentic Tantra is not a religion and can be incorporated into almost any lifestyle. The methods you will discover can catalyze profound healing and transformation in the areas of sexuality, spirituality, and personal growth.  These are some of the most powerful practices you will find in the world of Tantra.

The 5 Elements

Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Space.  Human Beings are made of the five elements, just as the universe around us.  These Elements also correspond to our Chakra system and to each of our senses.  To be fully aware of each element, each energy center and all of our senses means we become intimate with each. In this way we can be fully mature, fully realized beings living in harmony with our body and the world around us.

How, what, why

Every day stress, past  emotional wounding or physical trauma that can block us from true fulfillment.  To be truly free to live the best life we are capable of, we need to overcome and heal these "Blocks to Bliss."   The methods and practices I teach and prescribe work with the nervous system to heal at a cellular level.   It is a re-training of the body and mind that results in freeing the spirit and the energy within.  These methods and practices are powerful and my own life and practice are proof of this!

Tantra for Women

Did you know that women are capable of  up to 11 different kinds of orgasm?  Did you know that 1 in 4 women have been sexually abused?  Me too.  Tantra is a journey of spirit as well as body that can heal the soul, overcome blocks, and ignite your power within. Whether it is a low libido, inability to orgasm, anxiety, depression or you want to kick up your sensuality & your sexuality, together we will create a prescription that suits your needs and goals.  It's time.  You are ready. 

Tantra for Men

The Multi-orgasmic Man.  Yes, it is possible.  Men are capable of up to 9 different kinds of orgasm.  Did you know that it is reported that 1 in 5 men are victims of sexual abuse?  Stress & trauma cause wounding that can result in depression, anxiety, addiction, PTSD, Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation and more.  You can overcome these issues.  I can help. I am a nurturing and non-judgemental energy that allows you to open up heal your body and mind.

Couples Tantra

What do you crave in your relationship?  Would you like to be able to express yourself to your partner without fear or shame?  Learn Tantra with your Lover for stronger connection, deeper communication and better sex for you BOTH.  Working with me you will learn ancient secrets to becoming  multi-orgsmic together, go for longer and to higher states of bliss.  The ancient masters say that every orgasm is a glimpse of enlightenment.  Wouldn't it be awesome to get bigger and longer glimpses?  

Tantra Workshops!